7 chains for a complete treatment

The understanding provided by the global analysis of the muscle chains makes it possible to establish a personalised treatment plan which in a simple, complete and consistent way, responds to the malfunctions, deformations and pains which are the logical signs of problems in our patients.

Physiological chains

are anatomical circuits through which the body’s organisational forces spread. The great interest in this method is that it involves the entire anatomy from the head to the toes.

The physiological chains method

is based on a complete examination which highlights tension points in different areas of the body, on the level of each of the chains. It is therefore a manual treatment method :

– to free these areas of tension
– to return good tissue mobility in the different chains
– to restore better function
– to restore better stability

All the body’s functions are naturally programmed.
Our aim is simple : remove as many interfering structural tensions which are the basis for malfunctions, deformations and pain.


A method for everyone

It is suitable for patients of all ages, from birth up to old age :

– new borns so that they are well in their body after the constraints of childbirth : deformations, congenital torticollis, strabismus, regurgitation, crying, sleep, etc.
– children presenting deformations: feet, knees, kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, thoracic deformations, growing pains, ENT problems, oral respiration, malocclusion, visual accommodation problems, concentration problems, etc.
– sports people to improve the reliability and performance of their movements.
– active, old or sedentary people, in order to prevent or sooth physical or organic malfunctions as well as the effects of osteoarthritis.

Le traitement

The Treatment

Simple, practical and complete, its aim is to remove as many interfering tensions as possible which are the cause of malfunctions, deformations and pain. The treatment results lie in the fact that after the qualitative intervention of the practioner, the body realises a significant amount of recuperation thanks to the programming of its different functions.

Les techniques

The techniques

These are essentially based on relaxation, posture and release in order to reprogram the correct functioning of the physiological chains.

Les séances

The sessions

From a duration of 45 to 60 minutes depending on the patient’s problem.

La fréquence

The frequency

The full treatment is carried out at a rate of once a week. The quality of this work deeply affects the body and requires time for assimilation and adjustment.



When the treatment is finished, it is advisable to have maintenance sessions that can be spaced from once every month to once every three months. The body tissue has a memory and this periodic recall is the best preventative treatment.

Les honoraires


The practioner establishes a quote for the treatment. For health service doctors, health insurance covers the costs relating to the prescription and the insured pays the supplement directly. Certain colleagues practice this method privately. The quality of the treatment justifies this method of operation.