Les techniques

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Le traitement

A practical training course

The “Physiological Chains” training course will make you think differently while building on your current knowledge and expertise.

A training course to understand and seek out the truth in simplicity and consistency.

A training course to increase the effectiveness of your treatments from your first seminar.


Quality training

Recognised by several universities in Europe and America, a member of the quality charter of the French training organisation, the Fédération Française des Organismes de Formation, this training course can be taken in France, abroad and by employee organisations.

A training course of 8 3-day seminars totalling 184 hours of lessons.

After checking what you have learnt, a training certificate is presented to you at the end of the course.
This confirms your competence in practicing “Physiological Chains”.

You are registered in the International “Physiological Chains” Directory.